Dedicated to the Developmentally Disabled
Considering the Alhambra?

The International Order of Alhambra has a long history as a Catholic fraternal and charitable organization dedicated to assisting God's special people, the developmentally disabled.

Join us and become part of a wonderful organization that is not only bonded in Catholic fraternalism but also provides support to countless families and individuals whose lives have been forever changed by a intellectually disability.

There are no expectations placed on our members. We understand how busy each other's lives can be. Volunteer events, parties and fundraisers are always in the works. When you feel you have a little extra time; being part of the Order gives you the opportunity to get together with old friends, make new ones and together be a part of something which makes a difference in the lives of many wonderful children.

We are men and women, young and old, clergy and lay person alike, socializing and giving of ourselves to assist the developmentally disabled with a spirit of eternal hope derived from our common foundations in Christ. Many of our members have families, some are single, widowed or divorced, quite a few are advanced in years but together we are a force for good in difficult times.

Contact us today and see why we consider ourselves so blessed to be assisting God's most wonderful, loving and special children, the developmentally disabled. You'll be glad you did.
Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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