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Meeting called to order by GC Caligiuri at 6pm

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: All present or excused except for VGC, Grand Cham., M.W, and the Supreme Director.

Reading of the minutes: Minutes approved as read

Communications: None

Report of Divan Officers:

Scribe of Exchequer; Total deposits $122.30; 365 sent to Supreme $180.00

Grand Chamberlain: Available balance $9,259.34. Total balance; 10,259.34

Scholarship: Sultana Grace Henry has died and a scholarship will be given in her honor this year.

Supreme Director report:

Aben Zoar caravan is closing down. Five members wish to transfer to Ben Ziri caravan.

The new password for the Alhambra website is; peace.

Ben Ziri is asked to donate towards the Convention hospitality room.

Matching funds have been used this year. The $200.00 awarded for our two new members has yet to be used.

Old business:

The AD for the Convention book has been sent in and paid for. It is essentially the same as the last one.

The Aug. 15th caravan meeting will be at the Ehrhart residence in Escondido. Start at 10:30, eat at 11:00

The Chili cook-off is June 29th. Please attend.

New business:

Motion made to invest $10,000 in CDs at 2.6% interest. Seconded and passed.

Motion made to donate $150.00 to the Convention hospitality room. Seconded and passed.

Motion made to use the $200.00 membership grant from supreme for Jefferson school’s handicapped program. Seconded and passed.

This year’s program at the Lawrence Welk theatre on September 7th will be the Addams Family Musical. The cost is $55.00 for the musical only, $75.00 if you include lunch. LN Ida Acuna needs a head count by the July 18th meeting. Please inform her if you are going to attend.

Good of the order:

All present doing well. Please pray for Thelma’s daughter Jill Martinez who has breast cancer and Eric Gilliland, Stan and Marilyn’s son who has cancer of the spine. Pray for Fr. Mike who will have surgery on the 24th of June. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Maggie Owen’s sister Barbara Blythe.

Next meeting: July 18, 2019

Closing prayer led by Fr. Mike, meeting adjourned at 7pm.


Respectfully Submitted SN Anthony Andreas

Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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