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Ben Ziri Caravan 218

August 15, 2019


Escondido, CA

The meeting was called to order at 10:53 AM by GC Michael Caligiuri.

Roll call of officers:  absent officers; VCG, MW, MO and PGC.

Opening prayer: Fr. Michael Dallmeier.

Pledge of Allegiance: Ed Sheer

Minutes of 7/18/19 were read and approved as read.  

SE   8/15/19  Total deposit, $425.65

GCH.   7/1/19-7/31/19 Total Balance; $19,645.55, outstanding check $150.00; available balance $9,495.55

The meeting was adjourned as lunch was served.

The blessing was given by SN/Deacon Jim Kostic.

CG Mike reopened the meeting at 12:15 PM.

GE Bruce Taber reported a profit for the Chili Cook-off, small profit as the attendance was low.  The Soup Cook-off will be Oct. 26, 2019. The show at Lawrence Welk Theater is September 7th. Reservations by Aug. 24th. 11AM lunch, Show 12 Noon.

GC report:  Convention in Washington D.C.  Next Convention in San Antonio, TX., August 2021. Per capita dues $46.00 per member. Ben Ziri received a Certificate for paying the 365 for 3 years. A Medallion was shown that is available for sale.  $30.00.  Ribbon $5.00; the ribbon color matches the color of the FEZ.  Ed Ehrhart moved that a medallion and ribbon be purchased for Fr. Mike; 2nd and carried by vote.  A letter from Supreme stating the Monthly publication will still be published and the Newsletter published Quarterly.

Regional Director Report: Chris Braun spoke concerning Summer camp (for next year.)  #1,000 is available from Supreme to send Disabled Students.

The Caravan is continuing to the search Banks with the best interest rate on a CD to deposit the $10,000 bequest.

Regional Drawing:  $100 Louis Darwin, Rhonda   $50 Fran  Samhammer, Ben Ziri

Announcements:   Next meeting Sept. 19  K.C. Hall, Christmas Party  Dec. 7 El Camino CC.

Please pray for the following:  The Acuna Family.  Fernando’s

Sister Mary Socorro Rosas died, he also lost a brother, Jesse this past Spring.  Also prayers for Julianna Taber, Ken Owen, Eric Gilliland, Carol Kostick, Chuck and Joanie Ayash.

GC Mike thanked Ed and Francis Ehrhart for inviting the Caravan to their home at Cyprus Court in Escondido. A pleasant afternoon of good food and companionship was had by all attending.

The final prayer was led by Fr. Mike.

Maggie Owen,  CS, pro-tem

Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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