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Meeting called to order by GC Mike Caligiuri at 6:00PM

            GC Caligiuri presented a Past Grand Commander Medal to PGC
            Theresa Andreas in recognition of her service as Grand Commander of
            Ben Ziri Caravan for the last two years

Opening prayer was led by VGC Rich Miro

Pledge of allegiance led by SE Fernando Acuna

Roll call of officers: All present except for Sent. of the Tower, Grand Advocate, and the Chaplain all of whom were excused

Minutes: Accepted as read

Communications: Letter from SDSU inviting members to attend the installation
             of Adela De La Torre, PH.D. as the ninth president of S.D.S.U

Committee reports:

            Scribe of Ex. Total deposits of $2,278.00

            Gr. Cham. Available Balance $6,958.11

            Gr. Scribe Names of incoming officers have been sent to Supreme

            Supreme Dir. Regional raffle tickets are on sale. First drawing will be at the     

            Christmas Party. Supreme will be sending each member two tickets for the

            Supreme raffle.

Old business:

            Soup cook off won by SN Stan Gilliland. Stan is the fourth winner of the

            Trophy. The other winners were:  PSC Vince Braun 2015

                                                                  LN Maggie Owen 2016

                                                                  PGC Bruce Taber 2017

            Soup cook off Profit $806.66

            Christmas party Dec. 8, 2018 $40.00 per person 11;30am-3:30pm

New business:

            Motion made by SN Andreas to have the caravan purchase five tickets to

            The Regional Raffle . Total price $100.00. 2nd by LN Juliana Taber and passed.

            There will be no meeting in Dec. Next meeting will be Jan 17,2019.

            Discussion on changing meeting hours for the caravan monthly meeting

            was tabled. Input will be requested in the next Fez Sez.

Good of the order:

            All members present healthy.

Closing prayer led by SN Rich Miro

Respectfully submitted GS Anthony Andreas


Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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