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Meeting called to order by GC Caligiuri at 6pm

Opening Prayer led by Fr. Mike 

Pledge of Allegiance led by SN Andreas

Roll call of officers: All present except for VGC, M.O., M.W., Sen. Of Desert, and the Grand Advocate

Reading of communications received letter from Supreme covering the Supreme raffle, $200.00 check honoring two year membership of Michelle Reid and Christopher Martin. The check will be used in our outreach to Jefferson Middle School, Letter from Bridgett Torrence, SN John Garrahy’s granddaughter informing us he is still alive, in a nursing home in Vista and is turning 100 years old soon.

Committee reports: Scribe of the Exchequer; $4,308.38 total deposits: Grand Chamberlain; Available balance, $10,794.89.

Supreme Director: Bi-annual Convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas in July of 2021. A good time was had by all at the party held at the Laverne, Ca. Community Center for the developmentally disabled of that area.

The St. Patty’s Day party was discussed. We need to find a venue, caterer and date.

Souper Bowl party was a success. Total profit $739.00

Founders Day Mass will be at the St. Claire Chapel at 10am on 2/23/2019. Lunch will be at Fratelli’s restaurant at 11:30am

Christmas party is on schedule. Need a head count from those attending.

The idea of purchasing a CD to add to our funds has been dropped. Financial return is not enough to justify the effort.

New business: Motion made by SN Bruce Taber that Ben Ziri Caravan will sponsor refreshments for the Developmentally Disabled Parties held at the City of Laverne’s Community Center. This will be up to four times a year at $125.00 per event. Seconded by LN Maggie Owen. Passed

Motion made by LN Ida Acuna that Ben Ziri Caravan purchase ten tickets for the Regional Raffle in the amount of $200.00.

Good of the Order: Sultana Lucy Caroll is suffering from a jaw ailment which affects her speech, otherwise she is in good shape. Sultana Mary Cloud is still housebound but still with us in spirit. 

Date of next meeting 1/16/2020.

Supreme raffle winners: LN Thelma Poorman $100.00, SD. Chris Braun $50.00

Final Prayer led by Fr. Mike 

Meeting adjourned 7:05pm 

Respectfully submitted GS Tony Andreas


Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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