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August 16, 2018

Knights of Columbus Hall

CALL TO ORDER  GC Theresa Andreas opened the meeting at 6:05 pm

OPENING PRAYER  was led by Fr. Mike Dallmeier

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE  was led by Tony Andreas

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS All members present with the exception of Reg. Dir. Chris Braun and Ken Owen excused.  Sen. Tow. Fe  Castro & Gr. Adv. Ed Sheer, absent.

MINUTES of the previous meeting were approved as read.

COMMUNICATIONS   A Thank You letter from Interface Community Services for the donation from Ben Ziri towards the Gala fundraiser.

COMMITTEE REPORTS  S/E Fernando Acuna’  - reported receipts of $995.25, from the Chili Cook-Off, donations, Sup. Commission raffle, 50/50 drawing & bar.  Total deposit. $995.25.  G/Ch Mike Caligiuri reported receipts of $995.25. Disbursements of $3,160.00 leaving a total available balance of $6,845.15.

REGIONAL NEWS RD Chris Braun was absent.  A letter from Supreme reminding all about the 2019 Convention.

COMMITTEE REPORTS Tony reported Speaking with Bob Davis.  The needs of his clients are a new Van and money for tables and chairs.  Tony Andreas moved that $ 6,116.78 from the Crawford Bequest be donated to Rady’s Childrens’ Hospital, Bernardy Center. Tony also moved that $500 matching funds be donated to Rady’s Childrens’, Bernardy Center.  Both motion seconded, discussed voted upon and approved.

NEW BUSINESS  Mike spoke concerning funds available from Supreme for Recruit Incentive, the amount  of $200.00 per new member to go to Caravan.  The last two (2) initiated to Ben Ziri 218 are Geraldine Cooper and Deborah Yamazaki. Vote taken and approved.  Bruce Taber moved that this money then be forwarded to Jefferson Middle School(Moderate/ Severe Handicapped classroom.)   Motion seconded and approved.  Bruce Taber said plans are going forward for the Soup Cook-Off October 27, Halloween attire. Marilyn Gilliland announced the Founder’s Day Mass will be held Feb.24.  Restaurant arrangements to be determined.

NEXT MEETING September 20, 2018

GC Theresa asked for prayers for Tony who will have a Surgical procedure.  Marilyn asked for prayers for children injured in an automobile accident.  Please pray for all members of the Caravan, as there are many.




DRAWIING  Fran Samhammer


GS Maggie Owen

Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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