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Meeting called to order by GC Caligiuri at 6:05pm

Opening prayer led by SN Scheer 

Pledge of allegiance led by SN Andreas 

Roll call of officers: All present except for VGC, Sc.of Ex., M.W., Sen. Of Des., IMPGC., and the Chaplain 

Reading of minutes:  approved as corrected 

Communications: None 

Committee reports: 

                                    Scribe of Exchequer; $450.00 deposited 

                                   Grand Chamberlain; $6,532.16 balance 

Old business: 

                                    990 form submitted to IRS 

                                    $200.00 from Supreme submitted to us in honor of Christopher Martin and Michelle                                      Rhead completing two years of Membership. 

                                    Souper Bowl party is on schedule, raffle will be run by SN Andreas and GC Caligiuri                                      ,11am setup 

                                    LN Julianna Taber will chair the St. Patty’s Day Party. She will not be available to                                         cater  it. Volunteers to do this were asked 

                                    To come forward at the next meeting. 

                                    No decision was made on depositing funds in a CD. The committee is still looking                                        for a decent return rate. 

                                    Christmas party all set Proclamation forthcoming 

                                    Founder’s Day Party will be at Fratelli’s restaurant 

New business: 

                                  Election of officers committee chairperson SN Andreas read the slate of officers                                            standing for election 

                                  SD Braun made a motion to unanimously elect the entire slate of officers since there                                    were no persons running against 

                                  Them. Motion seconded by SN Scheer and passed unanimously 

                                  The Halloween Dance will be held at the Laverne Community Center sponsored by                                       Ben Ziri Caravan on 25 Oct. 2019 

                                   A motion was made by SD Braun to donate $125.00 to help fund the party. 2nd by                                        SN Scheer and passed. 

Good of the Order: 

                                  GC Caligiuri spoke about his trip as a member of the Honor Flight of WW11, Korean,                                    and Viet Nam veterans 

                                  The flight takes place two times a year and includes round trip to Washington, DC,                                         two nights at the Hilton hotel, and a wonderful tour of this nation’s capital. The flight                                       is sponsored paid for entirely by donations 

                                    Bob and Fran Santos are hanging in there. Eric Gilliland is doing much better 

                                   October raffle winners were: 

                                    Tavier Higgins $100.00 

                                    Rozanne Fischer $50.00 

                                    Next meeting will be held on 11/21/2019 

Final prayer: 

                                    Led by SN Taber 

Meeting adjourned at 7pm 

Respectfully submitted by Anthony Andreas Grand Scribe Ben Ziri Caravan#218




Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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