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Meeting called to order by GC Caligiuri at 6:10pm

Opening prayer led by Fr. Michael Dallmeier

Pledge of allegiance led by GS Tony Andreas

Roll call of officers: Officers present were the Grand Commander, Chaplain, Scribe of the Exchequer, Grand Chamberlain, Grand Scribe, Sentinel of the Tower, Sentinel of the Desert, and the Captain of the Bodyguard

Reading of the minutes of the last meeting: Not read because of the long gap between meetings due to Covid-19

Communications: none

Grand Commander’s report: The Grand Commander thanked all the officers for their work in keeping the caravan running smoothly during the eighteen months we went without meeting. He gave a special thanks to Historiographer SN Bruce Taber for publishing the Fez Sez every month as well as his frequent e-mails keeping the membership informed as to what was happening in the caravan.

The Caravan’s last function was the Memorial mass held on 2/23/21.

Gran Commander Caligiuri reported on the Semi Annual Convention. He was the only attendee from Region Eight. There were only fifty nine people in attendance. The good news is that a very strong Supreme Board was elected to run the Order of Alhambra for the next two years. There is $300,000 in the General Fund. It increased by about $6,000. In spite of the pandemic. There is $3,500,000 in the Charity fund. Since the last Convention two historical plaques were place in Texas.

Scribe of the Exchequer report: Deposits of $68.75. $500.00 will be sent to Supreme for the Ben Ziri 365 collection.

Grand Chamberlain report: Balance of $10,324.46 in the operating fund

Supreme Director report: The winners of this month’s raffle were: Rozanne Fischer $100.00 and Rosemary Cain $50.00

Scholarship report: The scholarships in honor of our seven deceased members of 2020 have been presented and all next of kin were notified and Presented with a football type robe by SDSU. There are still two scholarships to be awarded for 2021. They are in honor of SN Manuel Ybarra, and SN Don Getty. Dr. Laura Hall will contact us as the scholarships are awarded.

Old Business: None

New Business: The Grand Commander asked That all members think about who we are going to support in our outreach programs this year. He asked that we come up with ideas for things to do for fundraisers and fun things for us to do together as a caravan. The question of changing the time of the monthly meeting was discussed and the consensus was that we should meet at 1:pm if the KofC hall is available. SN Acuna is going to check with the Grand Knight and see if we can meet at 1:pm. The time and place of the September meeting will be published in the Fez Sez. It will be on September 16, 2021.

A motion was made by SN Tony Andreas that the amount of our scholarship awards be raised to $1,000.00 per award. The motion was seconded by SN Stan Gilliland and passed.

Good of the Order: All nine people at the meeting were healthy enough to attend. Prayers were requested for LN Juliana Taber.

Date of next meeting: September 16, 2021

Raffle: none

Final prayer led by: Fr. Mike

Meeting adjourned: 7:pm    

Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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