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Meeting called to order by GC Mike Caligiuri at 6:05pm

Opening prayer led by Fr. Mike Dallmeier

Pledge of allegiance led by SN Rich Miro

Roll call of officers: All present except for the Master of the ward robe,   and the Sentinel of the Tower

Reading of the minutes of the last meeting: November minutes approved as read; February minutes approved as corrected

Reading of communications received: Thank you letter from Teri, Inc., Letter from Denise of Supreme Office; Supreme Raffle tickets have been mailed, All applications have to be submitted on the new forms sent from Supreme; Convention scrapbook rules; Quarterly report due by 10 April; recruit, recruit, recruit.

Committee reports: Scribe of the Exchequer; no income reported.

Grand Chamberlain: Balance $7,939.93

Scholarship Chairman: three scholarships will be presented at the St. Patty’s Day Party. They will be honoring Sultana Marcy Lariosa, Sultana Gertrude Winslow and SN James Connolly.

Supreme Director Report: Absent, no report

Old Business: Founders Day and Memorial Mass, Good attendance, all went well, $88.49 profit from the brunch. St. Patty’s Day helpers be there at 11:30am to help setup. Convention ad will be ready next month. The paperwork confirming SN Ed Scheer as our delegate to the convention has been submitted.

New Business: Discussion held about having a meeting at SN Ehrhart’s residence. Tabled until next meeting. The meeting to plan next year’s events will be held during the April Caravan meeting at The Taber alcazar at 1pm April 27th. This will be a pot luck meeting.

Good of the Order: SN Marcus Montano”s mother has passed away, SN Herman Mosqueda had a slight stroke, SN Ken Owen’s eyesight has deteriorated to the point where he is practically blind.

Date of next meeting: April 27, 2019

Raffle: Won by VGC Rich Miro who donated the money back to the caravan.

Final prayer led by Fr. Mike

Meeting adjourned at 7:37pm

Respectfully submitted:

GS Anthony Andreas   




Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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