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Ben Ziri Caravan 218

March 15, 2018

Knights of Columbus Hall


CALL TO ORDER  GC Theresa Andreas opened the meeting at  6:10 PM

OPENING PRAYER was led by  Fr. Mike

PLEDGE OF  ALLEGIANCE  was led by Chris Braun

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS  All officers were present with the exception of VGC C Fran Samhammer

MINUTES  of the previous meeting were approved as read.

COMMITTEE REPORTS  S/E Fernando Acuna - 3/15/18  reported receipts  $240.00. Total Balance $1,148.01, received from Dues, the Soup Cookoff, Founder‘s Day, Badges and 365 X 9 members.

Gr. Cham. Mike Caligiuri - 2/1-2/28 reported receipts of $1,148.19, leaving a total available balance of $8,024.95.

REGIONAL NEWS  RD Chris stated that the General Fund raffle tickets are forthcoming to the members.  Prizes range from $500.00-$5,000.  Please be generous.  There is now a Face Book page for Alhambra International.

Julian  encouraged all to participate in the St Patrick’s party to greet the SDSU Scholarship recipients. 

UNFINISHED BUSINESS   SE Fernando has sent letters to members that have not paid their dues.  He will report the results of these letters at a later date.

NEW BUSINESS  Chairman  Tony Andreas reported on the SDSU Scholarships to be presented at the March 17th Social.

GOOD OF THE ORDER  All present reported to be “OK.”  Chris Braun asked for special prayers for PSC Bob Santosand wife Frances.  Please pray for all members



ADJOURNMENT    GC Theresa closed the meeting at 7:15 PM

CLUB DRAWING:  Geri Cooper

Maggie Owen GS  


Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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