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July 19, 2018

Knights of Columbus Hall


CALL TO ORDER  GC Theresa Andreas opened the meeting at 6:00 pm

OPENING PRAYER  was led by Fr. Mike Dallmeier

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE  was led by Ed Sheer

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS All members present with the exception of Reg. Dir. Chris Braun, excused.  VCG Fran Samhammer and Sen/Dst Lavern Burns, absent.

MINUTES of the previous meeting were approved as corrected.

COMMUNICATIONS will investigate a request from Scholarship recipient Rebecca Kremmer for additional money.

COMMITTEE REPORTS  S/E Fernando Acuna’  - reported receipts $520.00, receipts from the Chili Cook-Off.  Total deposit. $520.  G/Ch Mike Caligiuri reported receipts of $520.00. Disbursements of $1,180.00 leaving a total available balance of $7,829.68.

REGIONAL NEWS RD Chris Braun was absent.  A notice from the International  Order informed us that  the new password for the Website is peace (all lower case.)  The Regional drawing winners for June: $100-Sidney Becker, $50 Judy Plaiseted.

COMMITTEE REPORTS Bruce Taber gave the final report for the Chili-Cook-off with a profit of $1,062.  Cook-off winners were 1st place Fe Castro, 2nd place Geri Cooper, 3rd place Elizabeth Trevino.  50/50 drawing Buster Beasley, K of C.  Buster returned his winnings. Door prize drawing Katie Martin.  Bruce has set a tentative date of Oct. 27 for Soup Cook-off.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS  Tony Andreas has spoken with Bob Davis CCH and is waiting a wish list from the Board.

NEW BUSINESS  The Nominating will consist of Tony Andreas, Bruce Taber and Mike Caligiuri.  He stated “THEY will be calling us.”  Mike Caligiuri moved that an Installation Ceremony will be conducted for Mechelle Rhead as Lady Noble into Ben Ziri Caravan #218.  Motion seconded, voted upn and approved.  Mike spoke of monies for designated funds from Supreme.  Conversation was tabled until the August meeting.

NEXT MEETING August 16,2018





Maggie Owen GS 
Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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